April 30, 2009

Murphy's First Blog

Hello, everyone. Murphy Lee Brannigan here. I'm a pretty good friend and writing partner to Tanner. When I say writing partner, I mean we just write near each other. I usually don't know what he's writing about till he's done and vice versa. He wanted to start this blog as a joint project and told me to post something today because he needs to think of a good idea for himself.

Therefore, I'm pretty much filler.

I guess I should tell you a bit about myself.

First of all, I'm from County Longford in Ireland. I was born in the village of Drumlish. It's a rather nice village. It has the highest number of single men in Ireland (I being one of them). We're also pretty good when it comes to footballing (SHOUT OUT TO THE FATHER MANNING GAELS). Wow, I just gave a shout out. I've been hanging out with Tanner too much.

I'm a decent actor, a mediocre singer, and a tolerable writer. A lot of you may be thinking "Hmmm, he sounds a bit like Tanner." No. Tanner is a pretty wonderful actor, a fairly rubbish singer, and a decent writer.

I started writing when I was young because not too many people in my family seemed to want to hear my ideas. Might have been because I didn't care much for the Catholic church and therefore I was a heretic who sold my soul to the devil for a notepad (Seriously, my great grandfather said that to my face). So I jotted little things here and there and then started making stories out of them. I thought about persuing a career in journalism, but my family didn't trust me and their opinion of me would have gotten worse if I became a member of the media. So, I packed up my stuff and decided to travel the world. I discovered the internet while travelling and found a poem of Tanner's online. I thought it was pretty good and got in touch with him to tell him that I thought he was going to be one of the best poets of our generation.

Turns out he doesn't care much for writing poetry and only did it out of boredom. No matter. We still talked about our prose writing.

After my wonderful correspondance with him, I decided to pay a visit to America. I met with Tanner two years ago and we had some fun reading random books out loud and doing our wacky voices. He also showed me 'The Boondock Saints'. Pretty good movie. Flannery and Remus did pretty good accents. I liked the whole mission from God angle.

Okay I gotta stop myself from doing a film review.

So Tanner and I hung out a lot. Unfortunately, he wasn't old enough to visit pubs and clubs and the like. So I had to do that on my own. Upon visiting various hang-outs, I discovered that some women find me attractive. This was pretty new to me seeing as how back home I wasn't very desirable. I wasn't the toughest man in the world. I could only drink a quarter of my body weight. Oh, and I was slowly converting to Calvinism. That might have been a big reason.

But here, they don't really care about that. Women will go gaga over you if you're not too funny-looking, say a few charming things, and have an accent. With this voice, I am one sexy beast in America.

I just said sexy beast. CURSE YOU, TANNER!!!

Where was I going? Oh yeah.

I just spend my time travelling America (I like it here for reasons mentioned above), writing away, visiting internet cafes with free laptop usuage since I don't have the money to buy my own, and just enjoying what God has to offer.

I'll write a few musings and whatnot now-and-then. Hope you enjoy reading them.

If you'd like to get in touch with me, just email me. Murphy_Brannigan_86@live.com

So long, all you wonderful people

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  1. *ahem* "It has the highest number of single men in Ireland (I being one of them)"

    Sorry ladies, he was formerly one of em. This handsome lad is all mine.