July 24, 2009

Cartoon's That Could Do Well In Live-Action Territory (If Done Right) Part Two

Geek friend Friday will return next week because I thought of a good part two in this blog series from me and Murph.

I enjoyed Murphy's choices in out first installment. I've always said Gargoyles would be a great live-action flick, but I never gave that much thought about Bravestarr. Great thoughts on that one, Murph.

My choice today is another from the golden days of 80's action toons.


A high-octane, fast-paced sci-fi adventure with lots of explosions. Spells out summer blockbuster to me.

This is something that's so crazy that's there's not too many ways to mess it up. With those accelerator suits, maybe we should start referring to G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra as a prototype Centurions flick (or maybe I'll just tell myself that so I'll calm down a bit).

Now, the origin treatment would most likely be how the first movie plays out, especially if they want to turn it into a franchise. But it's also something in which the first few minutes of the movie could establish what the Centurions are all about. I say the trailer could pretty much be a super sleek version of the old cartoon intro.

As for casting, I can think of at least two actors I'd like to see in it. Gerard Butler as Max Ray, Bradley Cooper as Ace McCloud and Nathan Fillion as Jake Rockwell.

So that's my choice for today. I have another, but I'll save it because Murphy already handled a sci-fi western in the last one.

July 17, 2009

Geek Friend Friday Issue Number One

Being geeks, Murphy and I make some interesting geeky friend. Of course, there's nothing wrong with that. The geekier the better. And as geeks, we sometimes think about what fictional geeks we'd most likely be super cool buddies with. Now, me and said geek buddies probably wouldn't be hanging out with Murphy at the club seeing as how he has the looks and we'd scare all the girls off.

Back to my point.

There's a lot of wonderful geeks in the various shows/comic books/movies/novels we enjoy. So, we decided to talk about a few of these wonderful imaginary friends on our blog.

21 and 24

21 and 24 are the loveable lackies of the not-so-menacing supervillain known as the Monarch. This little glimpse into their antics are only a tiny taste of their geekery. They've talked about how they're "those guys that never get shot" when it comes to being henchmen, argued about how Smurfs reproduce, done a really bad beatbox (haven't we all?), trying to create battle damage by rubbing nacho chips all over your face, create mix tapes, and many other funderful geeky things. Also, 21 has a super cool collection of prop replicas from various sci-fi and fantasy movies and comic books (including one of the few real working lightsabers). And let's not leave out 24's Nissan Stanza. The convos and arguments would never stop between Roberts & Brannigan and 21 & 24.

Alas, 24 lost his life during the finale of season 3. Oh well, we still got 21 and his super cool collection. I CALL DIBS ON ARAGORN'S SWORD!!!

July 7, 2009

Do Not Trust MNU

No matter what you hear from or about Multi-National United, do not believe any of it. MNU says they're giving rights to non-humans, but they're using them merely as cheap labor. They put them in slums with very little in terms of public services.

Read this blog for more information on the real MNU: http://www.mnuspreadslies.com/