December 14, 2009


We of the ToI are big fans of the Japanese Super Sentai Series and their American counterparts, the Power Rangers. As with many foreign properties that are eventually brought over to the U.S., the original Japanese shows kicked major hind quarters. Yes, they were campy, but still cool. Whereas the Power Rangers seemed to keep the camp, but just didn't have as much of cool. Overtime, Power Rangers finally started filming their own footage here and there which has a to count for something. Anyway, we decided that we wanted to share our love of these wonderful, color-coded heroes. We'll be doing this over a series of posts. Today, we're each sharing our all time favorite Power Rangers theme songs. Tomorrow, it'll be our all time favorite Super Sentai theme songs.

One thing you cannot deny is how pumped up you got when the theme song for the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers came on. Now, not all the theme songs have had that rock vibe that gets you goin (I'm looking at you, Mystic Force's dancy dance theme song). Now, onto my favorite theme song.

Power Rangers SPD

My fist goes up into the air everytime I hear this. I jump and bang my head with much vigor. This song just makes me want to throw on a costume and run out and fight aliens. For a Power Rangers intro to really get you in the mood, the theme song needs to be fast-paced and exciting. This song hits both of those for me. Plus, I like watching the intro for that little smirk on Z's face. My goodness, that girl looks good.