March 29, 2010

And So The Mind Wanders

I'm listening to The Red Panda Adventures. There's quite a turn of events at the starts of the adventure. Apparently, a gun-toting villain claiming to be the Red Panda is causing trouble in Toronto. It seems the real Red Panda and his trusty sidekick, the Flying Squirrel, are going to have to work against this diabolical doppleganger as well as the police to save the day. What excitement and intrigue, ladies and gentlemen.

There should be more superheroes based on less obvious animals. I'd like to see an Otterman or the Masked Mallard. Those are both animals commonly associated with water. The mallard could have shoes allowing him to float on water and wings which allow him to soar. Otterman, on the "otter" hand, I'm not too sure about. Did you like that little pun? Some might find it "otterly" ridiculous. Ha.

One door closes and another door opens. I intended to inquire about getting a job recently. Turns out the store I was wanting to work at will be closing. Closing door. However, it will be replaced with a different store which will surely need employees. Opening door. See what I did there?

Having animal heads on the wall is not weird. However, giving them names and voices is. You're wondering by now if I did that. The answer is yes. The deer my brother shot is named Bartholamew and the deer my mother shot is named Dale. They have some zany conversations. Hilariy often ensues. If they could, they'd fight crime. That'd be interesting. They'd gore crime in the gut. Police would see them as a menace, but the public would see them as shining lights. Imagine what adventures they'd have duking out with the criminal underworld.

Life would be much better with background music. But what if everyone's BGM could be heard? That sound would be utterly awful and would cause many an ear to bleed. The blood from everyone's ears would make the ground quite slippery, thus causing many people to slip. Slippage would lead to falling. Falling would lead to dying. All that death because you needed everyone to hear that song that went with your current mood. For shame.

I say "FWAH!!!" a lot, but I should have a catchphrase, not just a word. Perhaps someday I will. And that phrase will be all over t-shirts found on Cafe Press. You will then see it being worn by hopeless dorks who are typing random things on their blogs and working on their speculative fiction. Perhaps they'll have their own catchphrase someday. They might even by typing these same exact words. Well, they won't be using "FWAH!!!" That's my word.

Hats are always wonderful. We should all wear more hats. You, reading this, next time you go ouy, why not wear a nice hat? Think about it.

I've decided that barely anyone reads this blog. Why would they want to? It's none too interesting. I'm not sure how entertaining it is. I could abuse this piece of knowledge by insulting people. However, I won't do that. Crazy things would probably happen.

Should I become a masked vigilante? Just wondering.

March 11, 2010


First, the news (and some self-loathing). My blog pretty much sucks. But almost every blog run by a bored geek with no income sucks. But I got something they don't: an Irishman and an Asian girl. Take that, other blogs. Now since there's three of us, I figured we should all have our own little features. However, we don't have any new ideas for features so we're each going to take something you've seen on the blog. Olivia will from this point on handle Cartoons That Could Do Well In Live-Action Territory (If Done Right), Murphy will be handling somewhat serious topics about life and all that good stuff, and I shall continue to do my stream-of-consciousness blogs. We will do some team blogs from time-to-time and we plan on doing more reviews. So yeah.

AAAAAANYWAAAAAAAAYS............. My favorite Power Rangers theme song.

My pick would have to be the theme song to Power Rangers in Space.

This is my favorite theme for two main reasons: 1) The countdown gets you ready for the rockingness you are about to see and 2) the guy at the beginning says "in space" in the most hammiest voice he can which is what you're supposed to do when you add "in space" at the end of something. Simple as that. I'm also biased towards Power Rangers in Space because out of all the sixth Rangers to come after Tommy, Zhane was my favorite. FREAKING SILVER RANGER!!! Plus he's played by a fellow Okie. DOUBLE BIASED!!!

January 29, 2010


Shut up. We've been busy. I've been doing school work and Tanner was gearing up for his brother's wedding. So where were we? Oh, that's right. The ToF loves Power Rangers and Super Sentai. I know we were supposed to do this within a week, but what do you want from us? We're a bunch of 20-something geeks who actually have lives. But anyway, POWER RANGERS!!! So, HERE............. is my favorite Power Rangers theme song.

Gooooooooooooo Zeooooooooooooooooooo! I couldn't find a video of the intro that I could embed, but this really isn't about intros. It's about the theme songs. Plus, the intro didn't have the full song. But here is the full song. Which dominates. I love it because it has a bit of a more epic feel than the original theme song. With the original, you got that rockin guitar opening up the song. That's good and all, but when I hear people singing "Go Zeo" I get chills. Murphy may be banging his head as the SPD theme song hits, but I turn dramatically toward a non-existant camera, stand proud, and shout "Go Zeo!" -le sigh- I wanna be the Yellow Ranger... And not because I'm Asian, you jerks! Also, if you're a girl go watch the intro to Zeo and TELL ME that you don't swoon when David Yost shows up.

December 14, 2009


We of the ToI are big fans of the Japanese Super Sentai Series and their American counterparts, the Power Rangers. As with many foreign properties that are eventually brought over to the U.S., the original Japanese shows kicked major hind quarters. Yes, they were campy, but still cool. Whereas the Power Rangers seemed to keep the camp, but just didn't have as much of cool. Overtime, Power Rangers finally started filming their own footage here and there which has a to count for something. Anyway, we decided that we wanted to share our love of these wonderful, color-coded heroes. We'll be doing this over a series of posts. Today, we're each sharing our all time favorite Power Rangers theme songs. Tomorrow, it'll be our all time favorite Super Sentai theme songs.

One thing you cannot deny is how pumped up you got when the theme song for the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers came on. Now, not all the theme songs have had that rock vibe that gets you goin (I'm looking at you, Mystic Force's dancy dance theme song). Now, onto my favorite theme song.

Power Rangers SPD

My fist goes up into the air everytime I hear this. I jump and bang my head with much vigor. This song just makes me want to throw on a costume and run out and fight aliens. For a Power Rangers intro to really get you in the mood, the theme song needs to be fast-paced and exciting. This song hits both of those for me. Plus, I like watching the intro for that little smirk on Z's face. My goodness, that girl looks good.

November 30, 2009

And Sheperds We Shall Be

We of the ToI LOVE The Boondock Saints for various reasons. Me: Because of the action and the fact that it's incredibly quotable. Olivia: Because of the action and this one line "Is it dead?" Murphy: Because of the action and because they chose to have the brothers be Irish.

Due to our love of this cult classic, it was only natural that we be there opening night. We went. We watched. We smiled. Considering the Trifection has never done a joint post, we figured we'd change that by doing a round table review of The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day. And by review, I mean the three of us totally geeking out over it. And just to warn you, there may be a few spoilers here and there.

Tanner: So............ we can all agree that we witnessed something grand.

Murphy: Agreed

Olivia: Agreed

Murphy: I'll admit, I still feel the first one is a far superior film.

Olivia: That's usually the case with most sequels, but Troy Duffy was still on top form. And he wasn't trying to make a GREAT film, just a film the fans would enjoy. I feel he at least succeeded in that.

Tanner: What did you two think about the addition of Eunice?

Olivia: She was no Smecker.

Murphy: At the beginning, she was pretty annoying. The gum-chewing got on my nerves.

Olivia: And it took me a while to get used to that accent.

Tanner: But you have to admit, she got fairly likable in the second half of the movie.

Olivia: That's true, and I loved the scenes between her and Greenley. What did you guys think of Romeo?

Tanner: I thought he was hilarious.

Murphy: I was scared they were just going to make him a clone of Rocco, but I was so glad this wasn't the case. In my own little dream world, I see a spin-off film featuring the wonderful misadventures of Rocco and and Romeo.

Olivia: -drifts off scrubs style- Oh, Rocoo. Mexicans don't like that word. You're so silly.

Tanner: Speaking of Rocco, it was good to see him again.

Olivia: The was the greatest pep talk in the history of pep talks in cinema.

Murphy: I was glad to see him delivering the opening narration. How did you like the scenes showing Il Duce's beginnings?

Olivia: I thought it was a nice touch.

Tanner: Especially since we got to see the evolution of his vest.

Olivia: Guys, moment of silence for Smecker.




Murphy: That's right folks, Agent Smecker died in the time between the first and second.

Olivia: I miss my Willem.

Tanner: Don't we all?

Olivia: So....... that ending.


Murphy: That came out of left field for me.

Tanner: Great way to leave us hanging for a third film.

Olivia:I hope said third film gets made. And I hope it doesn't take ten years like this one.

Murphy: Aye.

Tanner: So, how would you sum up your experience watching this movie.

Olivia: Even with the main focus of the first half being mainly on humor, it was still a great flick.

Murphy: I'll definately be seeing it again.

Tanner: I'll be buying the DVD, of course.

Olivia: Well that seems to be all for now. We have another team post up soon, only more thought will be put into it. Adieu.

Murphy: Farewell.

Tanner: Later.

September 10, 2009

Bit More Clickity Click Click Click

Murphy's turn.

I'm sitting at this coffee shop in Lawrence, Kansas waiting on my iced cappuccino and typing on my laptop. As is the guy next to me. As is the girl next to me. As is the couple I see on the other side of the shop. Is this a trend now? I wonder what they're typing. I wonder if they're wondering what I'm typing. I'm going to ask this guy what he's typing. He was mean and gave me the silent treatment. I'll ask this girl. Apparently, she's writing a comedic play. She talked to me because I have an accent.

Why do you Americans call it "football"? I'm not saying I don't like it. It's an exciting sport, but where's the feet? Okay, kick-off and punting. I understand that. But why don't you call it what it is: rugby with pads and helmets? Was that an insult? I don't know. Take it how you want to.

I've been invited to parties in which people were going to "party like a rock star". That's pretty broad considering how many different genres of rock there are. Are we going to party like heavy metal rockers, punk rockers, folk rockers, etc.? Be specific, people. If we're going to party like heavy metal rock stars, that may be too much for me, but I may be able to take the mellow folk atmosphere. Keep this in mind next time you use that phrase.

Order's up. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Yummy. She wrote her number on the side of my cup. I should let her know that I'm currently taken. She blushed out of embarrassment. Turns out, she handed me the wrong cup. Oh, what a story that will make for her to tell all her friends.

Set up for a suspense film: a detective tracks down a serial killer known as the Barrel O' Monkeys killer because he leaves a little red plastic monkey at every murder because that's what he feels murder is as fun as. Ridiculous, yes. Fun, yes. Enthralling, highly unlikely.

Like Tanner before me, I decided to do a spellcheck. The only thing highlighted was "Mmmmmmmmmmmm". I decided to see if there were any suggestions to spell this correctly. No suggestions. Spellcheck, how is it a misspelling if you have not suggestions for it? I don't understand you, spellcheck. I just don't UNDESTAND you.

Yes, that misspelling was intentional.

I just got a dirty look from some guy who walked in. Is it my hat? Does this fellow think I'm just another trendy hipster who thinks it's cool to go to a coffee shop and type random nonsense onto his or her laptop? I'll have you know, sir, that many Irishman are known to wear caps like this. Don't pigeonhole me just because I'm on a laptop in a coffee shop wearing a vest and flip-flops along with this hat. I'm going to say something to my new friend to my right as he walks by. He looked and smiled. Oh, you realize I'm Irish now so you say to yourself "Oh, THAT'S why he's wearing that cap. I thought he was trying to be cool like most kids these days. He's not sad, anymore." Go drown in your latte.

Why don't we have more washboard players in bands? The washboard is an amazing instrument. If you play the washboard, you are partying like a folk rock star. Way to be, my friend. Way. To. Be. I love you.

So, my new friend rocks. Her comedic play is about a girl rocker who works as a receptionist and who's best friend is a robot. This is brilliant stuff. Possible platonic soul mate? I think so.

Victoria, I won't date her. Don't worry.

Tanner just told me that he has to go in for jury duty selection on Monday. Wouldn't be great if he got some dramatic case that will eventually get turned into an episode of Law & Order? He can then say "THIS OUTCOME HAPPENED BECAUSE OF ME!!!" And he would say that. He would jump up and shout that. And then he'd flail his arms about. And there would be a koala. Why would there be a koala? Because there just would be. Never question Bruce Dickincon!

You have reached the end of the blog. Congratulations. And Nina: How dare you splash your plain coffee into my iced cappuccino. Such things are atrocities in the world of coffee counter culture.

September 8, 2009

Click Click Click Goes The Keyboard

I'm experimenting today. Instead of coming to you with something already planned, I'm going to let my fingers do the talking. Well, the typing. But my fingers always do the typing, don't they? Well, my fingers will type while my mind wanders aimlessly into odd and ends and ins and outs. Understand? No? Good enough.

So things. Things are things and some of these things I like. Other things I'm not a big fan of. Not sure why. Maybe it has to do with personal tastes or maybe a clash of beliefs. Who knows? God knows. And the Shadow knows. Wait, the Shadow doesn't know why I'm not a fan of them. But he knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men. Then he laughs after stating what said evils are. He's maniacally heroic like that, don't ya know?

I just did a spell check. No misspellings found, thus far. Maybe a few grammatical errors, but not misspellings. That's fine. I'm okay with grammatical errors. Who cares if the I have adjectives and adverbs mixed up? Do you? You do? Well, you must be a communist. How dare you disagree with me and the wonderful world of capitalism. You and your communism. How dare you. I have no love for you.

Itchy hand. Wonder why it itches so. No bites there. No scratches. No scabs. No reason for it to itch. But it just started itching. Odd. Many things are odd. You most likely find me odd, right now. If you do and you're actually enjoying it, then you're alright. But if you think me being odd is just too odd, go to the previous paragraph and start reading it at the seventh sentence. Eventually you'll make your way back here. Unless you went back again. Then you'll wind up reading in circles and never read what I'm typing right now. Therefore it would be useless for me to even be explaining this thus wasting the time of the people who enjoy my oddness. But there might be a chance they get entertainment out of your childlike ignorance. If this is the case, everyone wins. Except the communists.

My dog was outside for fifteen minutes. I let him out to go to the bathroom. He comes in and starts sniffing around. He doesn't need food and water. He has that already. Maybe he needs out again, despite the fact he just came in. I let him out. He urinated. But he did that when I let him out the first time. Cowboy, I hope you're okay. Many of you may be alarmed by this, thinking his bladder may be having problems due to his age. Worry not, dear friend. He just drank the rest of his water when he came back in. Did I forget to mention this earlier? I did? Well, I'll remember not to do that again. Thank you for informing me.

SweeTarts are more tart than sweet, in my humble opinion. Humble opinion. Is it really humble? I'm stating it, hoping people will listen to me and maybe adopt this opinion. Doesn't seem too humble to me. I'll restate that. In my opinion. There. Problem solved. I'm glad you read that and have now taken this opinion and are touting it about as if it is your own. But it is not your own. It's not my own. Many people could have this opinion.

One reason I'm writing this is to prove that drugs and alcohol are not needed for random writing such as this. If you're bored enough; eccentric enough; hyper enough; occasionally pretentious enough; and have a means to put the words down, then you too can do such a feet. Try it sometime. You may be surprised.

Olivia and Murphy just drank my last two Jones Sodas. How dare they. This means war, my cerebral cellmates. This. Means. War. Sleep with one eye open.

You are most likely confused. Objective: complete.

Who are you? And why are you reading this? I'd honestly like to know. Seriously. Tell me. Who are you? I really WANT to know.

These people befuddle me on occasions. Like my father. He's standing there watching the television. This is nothing out of the ordinary. But I'm taking into consideration what it is on the television he's watching. The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. Why is he stopping to actually pay attention to it? It's not normally a show he'd take any interest in. Why?

I just let Cowboy out again. He left a present on the porch. He does that sometimes because he feels since he's a dog, he doesn't have to conform to the behavioral codes of society. Fight the power, Cowboy.

Olivia said my mom bought that cherry Jones for her. No she didn't, Olivia. She specifically said "I bought you some Jones, Tanner. Better hide it." "You" refers to me, Olivia. "Me" being Tanner. "Tanner" being the one writing this. "The one writing this" being someone who is a bit too out there at times. Some still find it hard to believe I don't use drugs. Do I really come across that way?

I was accused of being a pot-smoking hippy by the pickle vendor at the Ren Faire. How dare he.

I think I've written enough.


Tanner Criswell Roberts.