November 30, 2009

And Sheperds We Shall Be

We of the ToI LOVE The Boondock Saints for various reasons. Me: Because of the action and the fact that it's incredibly quotable. Olivia: Because of the action and this one line "Is it dead?" Murphy: Because of the action and because they chose to have the brothers be Irish.

Due to our love of this cult classic, it was only natural that we be there opening night. We went. We watched. We smiled. Considering the Trifection has never done a joint post, we figured we'd change that by doing a round table review of The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day. And by review, I mean the three of us totally geeking out over it. And just to warn you, there may be a few spoilers here and there.

Tanner: So............ we can all agree that we witnessed something grand.

Murphy: Agreed

Olivia: Agreed

Murphy: I'll admit, I still feel the first one is a far superior film.

Olivia: That's usually the case with most sequels, but Troy Duffy was still on top form. And he wasn't trying to make a GREAT film, just a film the fans would enjoy. I feel he at least succeeded in that.

Tanner: What did you two think about the addition of Eunice?

Olivia: She was no Smecker.

Murphy: At the beginning, she was pretty annoying. The gum-chewing got on my nerves.

Olivia: And it took me a while to get used to that accent.

Tanner: But you have to admit, she got fairly likable in the second half of the movie.

Olivia: That's true, and I loved the scenes between her and Greenley. What did you guys think of Romeo?

Tanner: I thought he was hilarious.

Murphy: I was scared they were just going to make him a clone of Rocco, but I was so glad this wasn't the case. In my own little dream world, I see a spin-off film featuring the wonderful misadventures of Rocco and and Romeo.

Olivia: -drifts off scrubs style- Oh, Rocoo. Mexicans don't like that word. You're so silly.

Tanner: Speaking of Rocco, it was good to see him again.

Olivia: The was the greatest pep talk in the history of pep talks in cinema.

Murphy: I was glad to see him delivering the opening narration. How did you like the scenes showing Il Duce's beginnings?

Olivia: I thought it was a nice touch.

Tanner: Especially since we got to see the evolution of his vest.

Olivia: Guys, moment of silence for Smecker.




Murphy: That's right folks, Agent Smecker died in the time between the first and second.

Olivia: I miss my Willem.

Tanner: Don't we all?

Olivia: So....... that ending.


Murphy: That came out of left field for me.

Tanner: Great way to leave us hanging for a third film.

Olivia:I hope said third film gets made. And I hope it doesn't take ten years like this one.

Murphy: Aye.

Tanner: So, how would you sum up your experience watching this movie.

Olivia: Even with the main focus of the first half being mainly on humor, it was still a great flick.

Murphy: I'll definately be seeing it again.

Tanner: I'll be buying the DVD, of course.

Olivia: Well that seems to be all for now. We have another team post up soon, only more thought will be put into it. Adieu.

Murphy: Farewell.

Tanner: Later.

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