April 30, 2009

Murphy's First Blog

Hello, everyone. Murphy Lee Brannigan here. I'm a pretty good friend and writing partner to Tanner. When I say writing partner, I mean we just write near each other. I usually don't know what he's writing about till he's done and vice versa. He wanted to start this blog as a joint project and told me to post something today because he needs to think of a good idea for himself.

Therefore, I'm pretty much filler.

I guess I should tell you a bit about myself.

First of all, I'm from County Longford in Ireland. I was born in the village of Drumlish. It's a rather nice village. It has the highest number of single men in Ireland (I being one of them). We're also pretty good when it comes to footballing (SHOUT OUT TO THE FATHER MANNING GAELS). Wow, I just gave a shout out. I've been hanging out with Tanner too much.

I'm a decent actor, a mediocre singer, and a tolerable writer. A lot of you may be thinking "Hmmm, he sounds a bit like Tanner." No. Tanner is a pretty wonderful actor, a fairly rubbish singer, and a decent writer.

I started writing when I was young because not too many people in my family seemed to want to hear my ideas. Might have been because I didn't care much for the Catholic church and therefore I was a heretic who sold my soul to the devil for a notepad (Seriously, my great grandfather said that to my face). So I jotted little things here and there and then started making stories out of them. I thought about persuing a career in journalism, but my family didn't trust me and their opinion of me would have gotten worse if I became a member of the media. So, I packed up my stuff and decided to travel the world. I discovered the internet while travelling and found a poem of Tanner's online. I thought it was pretty good and got in touch with him to tell him that I thought he was going to be one of the best poets of our generation.

Turns out he doesn't care much for writing poetry and only did it out of boredom. No matter. We still talked about our prose writing.

After my wonderful correspondance with him, I decided to pay a visit to America. I met with Tanner two years ago and we had some fun reading random books out loud and doing our wacky voices. He also showed me 'The Boondock Saints'. Pretty good movie. Flannery and Remus did pretty good accents. I liked the whole mission from God angle.

Okay I gotta stop myself from doing a film review.

So Tanner and I hung out a lot. Unfortunately, he wasn't old enough to visit pubs and clubs and the like. So I had to do that on my own. Upon visiting various hang-outs, I discovered that some women find me attractive. This was pretty new to me seeing as how back home I wasn't very desirable. I wasn't the toughest man in the world. I could only drink a quarter of my body weight. Oh, and I was slowly converting to Calvinism. That might have been a big reason.

But here, they don't really care about that. Women will go gaga over you if you're not too funny-looking, say a few charming things, and have an accent. With this voice, I am one sexy beast in America.

I just said sexy beast. CURSE YOU, TANNER!!!

Where was I going? Oh yeah.

I just spend my time travelling America (I like it here for reasons mentioned above), writing away, visiting internet cafes with free laptop usuage since I don't have the money to buy my own, and just enjoying what God has to offer.

I'll write a few musings and whatnot now-and-then. Hope you enjoy reading them.

If you'd like to get in touch with me, just email me. Murphy_Brannigan_86@live.com

So long, all you wonderful people

April 29, 2009

Top Ten Fictional Characters I'd Like To Go On An Adventure With

I promise not all my posts will be geeky lists, but I've been thinking about good subjects for REAL blogs. I'll have something soon. Until then, I give you another list from my geeky fanboy mind.

10. Doc Sampson
9. Anita Blake
8. Buck Rogers
7. Professor Challenger
6. Philleas Fogg
5. Etrigan
4. Rincewind
3. The Phantom
2. Sherlock Holmes
1. The Doctor

April 27, 2009


This is the first of many posts in which you, the dear readers, get to read one of my ideas. Enjoy.

He was born William Matthew Drake. After his mother and father died, his only family was his brother and sister-in-law. They were his only friends. They were murdered in cold blood. As with most vengeance-seeking vigilantes, William knew there was no going back to who he was. On the day of their funeral, he commited emotional suicide. They would have only gotten in the way of what he felt needed to be done. He was no longer William Matthew Drake. He died with Chris and Sandra.

He now only went by the name Wanion. For small-time crooks, it meant misfortune. For the murderer of his best friends, it meant vengeance. For the entire Darkstone underworld, it meant a plague.

He isn't perfect. He doesn't see himself as a hero. He sees himself as a person given extraordinary abilities thrown into an extraordinary situation. His emotions get the best of him. When he comes face to face with the man who killed his brother and sister-in-law, jail time doesn't seem like the thing that should be served. To him, vengeance must be served. Turning him in is the last thing on his mind. First, he wants to beat him until he's barely breathing.

The cops see him as a threat, and therefore he feels likewise.

His powers consist of increased agility, increased strength, and the ability to manipulate the light around his body thus rendering him invisible. These were given to him by his friend, Prof. Sheryl Alexander. She sometimes regrets it, knowing he already has a "gift". This "gift" is something he'd like to either control or forget. But the way things are going for him, neither of these things will be happening for him.

When it comes to fighting, he's fairly unorthodox. His moves mainly consist of a few heavy punches and a kick here or there. He's offensive in his attack. On rare occasions, he feels the need to use firearms. Though it's not his favorite means of bringing people down, it's definately not his weakest.

Physically, he doesn't look like much. Compared to most, he's rather small. His clothing consists of a black denim jacket with a crimson hoodie underneath. On his chest is a crudely spray-painted W. Beneath the hood is a ghostly, white face with black around his milky-white eyes and a black bandana covering his mouth. Grey, fingerless, mud-stained gloves adorn his hands. His jeans are lightly torn and faded. His black boots have seen better days. His hair is fairly unkempt.

He speaks only when he feels the need to. When it comes to criminals, he lets his actions do the talking.

He shows some mercy to small crooks. He does what must be done to wanted criminals. He feels no remorse for rapists, pedophiles, or those who abuse their power. He's frightened by only one thing: failure.

Darkstone has always been a city full of monsters. Maybe it's about time this city gets a ghost.

April 25, 2009

My Comic Book Dream Roles

I am many things. A son, a brother, a friend, a mind. But there's two things that most know me as: a comic book fan and an actor.

As comic book fan, I dream of being various heroes that I read about. As an actor, I dream of big roles that I'd like to get the chance to obtain. When the two meet, I'm a hopeless, geeky actor who thinks about various characters I'd like to play.

Now, many roles I've dreamed of have already been taken (Robin, Rorschach, the Spirit, Abe Sapien), some may not really get the chance to make it to the screen (Mr. A, Dagwood, Jason Blood, The Drummer), and some I just really don't fit (Adam Warlock, Hawkeye, the Darkness, Orion).

And now, the ever-expanding list of various comic book (and comic strip) characters I'd like to portray.

Blue Beetle/Ted Kord
The Creeper
The Drummer
Jason Blood [I would love to play Jason's demon identity, Etrigan, but he'd most likely have to be done using a suit actor and/or CGI]
Beetle Bailey
Plastic Man
Hawkeye/Clint Barton
Max Mercury
The Blue Devil
Mandrake the Magician
Black Mask
The Darkness
Gentleman Ghost
Elongated Man
The Escapist
The Amazing Screw-On Head
Mr. A
Mad Hatter
Ant-Man/Scott Lang
Dr. Strange
The Cavilier
Cosmic Boy
The Bouncing Beatnik
Doctor Light
Namor, the Sub-Mariner
Sandman/Wesley Dodds
The Question/Vic Sage
Dove/Don Hall
Dr. Mid-Nite
Union Jack/Joey Chapman
Green Lantern/Kyle Rayner
Adam Warlock
Cracker Jack
Doctor Fate/Kent Nelson

April 24, 2009

Carpe-ing the Diem

I've never had to write the past tense for carpe. Horace is probably turning in his grave and cursing me in Latin.

Now onto the blog and meaning of the title for said blog.

To begin the story, I should give you the set-up. My friend and I decided to enjoy a nice evening involving dinner and a movie.

Before the movie, we had dinner at TGI Friday's (love the fish n' chips). Food was good and we had our silly little conversations about movies, music, and my unusual-but-not-too-odd man-crushes on David Tennant and John Barrowman. Well, said friend had to use the restroom which then caused me to be the only one in the booth. As I was twiddling my thumbs, the hostess came over to my table. She just started asking how our dinner was, which didn't seem to odd. But then she just rested her knee on the seat opposite of me and was asking about why I enjoy the fish n' chips so much. Like most men, Tanner doesn't know too much about flirtatious signals. I took this as one of those.

On our way out to the car, I asked my friend what she thought of this. She said it was a little different that the hostess would do that and that she did conveniantly when my FEMALE friend wasn't at the table. Sometimes I look way too much into things.

As we enjoyed our gigglesome film, I thought so many times when women were incredibly obvious about flirting with me and I did nothing. As soon as the movie was out, I was talking to my friend about this. And then she asked "So, you wanna go back to TGI Friday's?" I looked up , gritted my teeth, and said "Yes. I think I will." So we drove on back and I was in the car for a few minutes thinking about what to do. "It's do or die, Tanner," said my friend. I took a deep breath, walked to the door, and guess who walked out. Yes. It was that nice hostess who I shared a little minute-long conversation about fish n' chips and I want to visit London. I walked up to her and sputtered out a few words about how I kinda felt she and I had a connection and how I was a lonely dork who doesn't really know how to read women upon my first meeting with them. She gave me a little grin and said "Actually, I'm married." I said good night, walked to the car, told my friend about it, and we had a giggle about it. "But at least you got out of your comfort zone and took a shot." This was true. I did.

I was feeling pretty good. Still am a little.

However, I don't think I'll go back to that TGI Friday's for a while.

And yes. I'm aware that I have much to learn about women.

April 23, 2009

Maiden Voyage of the Blog You Are Reading now

Salutations, dear readers

This is the first of hopefully many blogs from one Tanner Criswell Roberts. I've been off the blog scene for quite some time but I felt I should revisit seeing as how there's a lot of stuff I've been wanting to write and put out there. Also, I've been wanting to rant here and there as well.

About what?

Random things that don't really matter to most of you.

If you're looking for a blog containing commentary on current events such as the president, current economic issues, health care, etc. then you have come to the wrong place. Very rarely will I ever touch those topics unless I feel like ticking off those who know more about them than me.

Reasons I Want to Start Blogging Again:
-I missed it
It's been a few years since I've blogged. Last time I did it, I was rather young and didn't really feel like actually WRITING on it rather than posting small things here and there. Of course, that was in the days of Xanga when most people wouldn't read one of my blogs if it was over a paragraph in length (with the exception of a few patient friends). I've missed the joy of just typing away about random occurencse for people to read and maybe giggle at. Therefore, I am looking to rediscover that joy.

-I have a few ideas for books, stories, comics, films, etc.
A few new ideas have popped into this head of mine that I've wanted to share and get opinions on. They'll be posted when I'm able to get them out. I have a few already written up that I'll post sometime.

-Because I can
Need I say more?

My, that was longer than I had expected.

So, that's what you can expect from this silly, little blog.

If you're still reading this, then you are a fantastic person. Bless you.

Good bye, dear readers

Tanner Criswell Roberts