March 11, 2010


First, the news (and some self-loathing). My blog pretty much sucks. But almost every blog run by a bored geek with no income sucks. But I got something they don't: an Irishman and an Asian girl. Take that, other blogs. Now since there's three of us, I figured we should all have our own little features. However, we don't have any new ideas for features so we're each going to take something you've seen on the blog. Olivia will from this point on handle Cartoons That Could Do Well In Live-Action Territory (If Done Right), Murphy will be handling somewhat serious topics about life and all that good stuff, and I shall continue to do my stream-of-consciousness blogs. We will do some team blogs from time-to-time and we plan on doing more reviews. So yeah.

AAAAAANYWAAAAAAAAYS............. My favorite Power Rangers theme song.

My pick would have to be the theme song to Power Rangers in Space.

This is my favorite theme for two main reasons: 1) The countdown gets you ready for the rockingness you are about to see and 2) the guy at the beginning says "in space" in the most hammiest voice he can which is what you're supposed to do when you add "in space" at the end of something. Simple as that. I'm also biased towards Power Rangers in Space because out of all the sixth Rangers to come after Tommy, Zhane was my favorite. FREAKING SILVER RANGER!!! Plus he's played by a fellow Okie. DOUBLE BIASED!!!

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