May 1, 2009

The Other Me's

I was watching American Splendor and a particular scene really made me think.

After seeing this, I wondered how many other Tanner Robertses (never had to pluralize my name) are out there. I then reliazed that I may not wanna take the time to count. I did continue to wonder what the lives the other Tanner Robertses. I decided to turn to Google and see what I could find.

A Tanner Roberts on is apparently an easy person to get along with but doesn't want you to eff with him.

There's a video of Tanner Roberts skating on Youtube. (He looks a little like the Tanner I mentioned above)

There was a Layne Roberts who unfortunately passed away but had a child named Tanner. She also had another son named Taylor.

Tanner Roberts at Drury University is against vandalism.

Tanner Roberts of Anoka County unforunately lost his girlfriend at the age of 19.

There happens to be a Tanner Criswell Roberts of (Okay, so that one IS me)

Tanner Roberts, a sophomore, is on the honor roll at Staples Motley High School.

Tanner Roberts on Yahoo Questions would like to know how to make a cool signature.

There seem to be many Tanner Robertses involved with wrestling and/or track.

Tanner Roberts is the pilot of the Starship USS Andromeda.

Those are just a handful of other Tanner Robertses I found. Thanks to social networking, I may actually interview a few.

Until next time.

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