May 12, 2009

Introduction to Prince Calvin Mortimer

'The Out-There Encounters of Mortimer and Cogsworth' is a series of steampunk-themed short stories I'm currently working on which involve the various adventures of Prince Calvin Mortimer of Eldonia and his personal pilot, Bernard Cogsworth. Here's just a little intro to one of the title characters.

Prince Calvin Mortimer

Prince Calvin Mortimer is, as his title suggests, next in line for the throne of the continent of Eldonia. His brother, Sir Mortimer Mortimer, was originally first in line for throne, but decided to make a career out of his life with the King's Royal Guard and gave up his title to Calvin.

Since childhood, he's been trained in the use of close combat weapons. He's considered by many to be the best swordsman in Dalphonodene. He trained himself in the use of personal firearms. His favorite weapons are the rapier which was given to him on his thirteenth birthday, the six-shooter given to him by his Uncle Luther, and the dagger which has been past down from king to prince for generations.

Calvin has always had a taste for adventure. At the age of seventeen, he was involved in a world wide manhunt for the infamous criminal, John Jarvest. The hunt lead Calvin to the Clock of Macronis where he challenged Jarvest, a self-proclaimed gentleman, to a duel at the heart of the clock. Nobody truly knows what happened in the clock tower, but they do know that Calvin was the only person to leave it. All over Dalphonodene, he was being considered a hero.

Since then, Calvin has been hunting for excitement. When on his diplomatic missions, he takes a little time to himself to "have a little bit fun." He's faced beasts, sky pirates, criminal geniuses, ghosts, tyrants, and a few scorned women. These little side trips have lead to the retirement of at least twenty-nine personal pilots in a matter of five years. He's hoping that Captain Bernard Cogsworth will be number thirty.

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