August 13, 2009

Lady Olivia Has Arrived

Bon jour to you all. I am Olivia Madison AKA Lady Olivia. I was invited by Tanner to join his blogging team. He also wanted me to announce that said team has a name now: The Trifection of Inflection (hey, it was his idea not mine).

Just to warn you, I'm a little bit more random than Tanner and I will be throwing random thoughts in sandwiched between parentheses (that's how I roll, sucka).

So, since Murph did his little introduction I figured it's only natural that I do the same.

As already stated, my name is Olivia Madison. I'm a 23-year-old geektress originally from Memphis, Tennessee where I was with an all-girl Queen tribute band known as King (clever, no?). I'm currently residing in Edmond with my cousin and shall be attending OU. BOOMER SOONER!!! Tanner has me doing that now.

Speaking of that crazy kid, we originally met via the Tube of You. I found his channel and thought his videos were pointless and random. My kinda film making. He provided me with nice geek-out sessions and I gave him hope that there really are women who will marry a man because he can sing various cartoon theme songs WITH their narration intact.

Further on down the road (CLAPTON FOREVER) Tanner introduced me to a wonderful Irishman named Murphy Brannigan. You can imagine my giddiness when I found out that he knew a geek with an Irish accent *swoons*.

Needless to say, we became a super pretentious geek force to be reckoned with.

Now, random facts about me.
  • Since the age of thirteen, I've wanted to marry Flash Gordon.
  • I see Hannah Montana as a total rip-off of Jem.
  • I seriously think Joss Whedon needs to turn Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog into an off-Broadway show.
  • I'm one of the few women who can resist the charms of Robert Pattinson. Yes, ladies, I know he's gorgeous. But honestly, there's too much angst for me. I like my fellas light-hearted with a wee bit of sorrow from time-to-time. However, I do enjoy the Twilight series.
  • I want to write a musical based around the songs of Carol King.
  • I want to point out that Secret Diary of a Call Girl is an ITV series NOT a Showtime series. I have trouble looking at the DVD boxes knowing this (this was for you, Murphy).
  • The only wrestling promotion I'll watch is Chikara Pro.
  • I love Neo-Victorian style.
  • I'm currently rocking out to ABBA.

So that is me and that is all for now.

So long, all you happy people

*big smooches*

Lady Olivia

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  1. Well hello, Olivia. 'Tis a pleasure to hear from a fellow geektress. I look forward to seeing more posts from you. Cheers! -Syndee Savage