August 7, 2009

Bernard Cogsworth

Since I introduced you all to Prince Calvin Mortimer, I figured I should now let you meet his personal pilot, friend, and partner-in-adventure.

Captain Bernard Cogsworth

Captain Bernard Cogsworth is the son of Admiral Jonathan Cogsworth. He joined the Royal Air Corps of Eldonia at the age of sixteen and shined brightly as one of the best young pilots Eldonia had ever seen. As time went on, his skill in the sky made him quite the celebrity. He was considered a hero after many dogfights and a particularly daring search and destroy mission in the War of Nations (known by many as the Grand War of Nations, but Bernard refuses to call it 'grand').

He was awarded the highest military award in Eldonia, the Crest of Greensmith, as well as being four-time champion of the Storm Cloud Open Air Race. All this happened before he turned twenty-five. At twenty-six, he became head airship and aeroplane mechanic for the Corps. He still competes in a few small air races and also works as part-time flight instructor.

After months of wanting to get out and see the world, Bernard was given an invitation to the Royal Palace to meet with King Byron Mortimer. King Byron explained to Bernard how Prince Calvin's most recent pilot unfortunately retired after only two months. The idea of being the chauffeur for spoiled young royal didn't seem too appealing to Bernard, but he realized this was his chance to finally get out and get a small taste of adventure. He just hoped Calvin wouldn't be whiny little sissy boy refusing to get his hands dirty and do anything dangerous.

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